Saturday, January 8, 2011

Laugh more--it's good for you

I LOOOOOVE hearing Noah laugh. Your own child's laughter is pretty much the best sound ever. It puts everything into perspective. The memory of when he really laughed for the first time is vividly burned in my mind. And how can you NOT laugh when a baby does? I'm pretty sure it's good for your health.
It is so much fun to see Noah's personality and sense of humor develop. He thinks his kitty is pretty funny and giggles at her a lot. He thinks it is funny when Mommy attempts to dance. He absolutely loves to ride on shoulders, and really gets laughing when I chase him while he is riding on Corey's shoulders. (It gets a little loud and crazy around here sometimes.) And it turns out he has very ticklish feet, just like Daddy. He also tends to get loopy before bed and it is hilarious. That is when these pictures were taken:
Be prepared; this is the cutest video EVER (if it works...). It is from a few months ago, and is one of the first times he laughed that hard for that long. I could watch it over and over and over. Seriously, cutest thing ever. In the history of cute. Period.