Saturday, December 15, 2012

He's Three!!

Our little tiny baby boy is three years old!!  Oh how far he has come.  And what a fun and wonderful time it has been.
In no particular order, here are some memorable things about Noah at age 3:
-Weighs 26ish pounds and is 37 inches tall.  (His pants fall down a lot.)
-Has a truly amazing memory.  Example:  The first time he saw the Christmas tree up at my parents' house this year he asked after a few minutes, "Grandma, where is the Mary and Joseph and Jesus ornament?"  Grandma: "Um, here's one."  Noah: "Not THAT one, the yellow one."  How crazy is it that he remembered a specific ornament, one that he had only seen when he was barely two, and within a few minutes realized it was missing?  And try to skip or change words when we are reading a book?  Ha.  He will usually correct me and say, "I mean...."  (Sometimes I honestly wonder if he has a photographic memory because of the details he remembers)
-Is in the "why?" stage.  Oh my is he is the "why?" stage.  And he has recently started adding "Really?!" after we tell him an answer he is finally satisfied with.
-Is very logical.  A couple weeks ago we were at story time at the library and the book was about dinosaurs doing things, to which Noah replied, "Actually, they don't, because dinosaurs don't have hands."  Today his ears were really dirty and there is a page in a Dr. Suess book with a bird in someone's ear so I said, "Maybe there is a bird stuck in there."  He then told me, "No, Mama.  Birds live outside in trees."
-Is getting to be quite the little diplomat.  Often when I tell him he can't play with or do something right now he will say, "SOMEtimes you let me do that."  Or "SOME kids play with that."  Oh boy, what are we in for.
-Overall he is so polite and it is so cute!  He almost always thanks me for making him meals or for helping him with something.  He likes to say thank you to all the servers and cashiers when we are in town.  Sometimes he will stop when he is playing with something and say, "Did I say thank you for this?" and it bugs him when a package is delivered when we aren't home because noone said thank you to the delivery man. :)  (Of course, he also gets in quite the demanding moods!  He has told us, "I'm a boss too.")
-His vocabulary and grammar are pretty spot on.  Although he still has his own pronunciation for a few things, like 'debanas' 'debloons' and 'desprise' for bananas, balloons, and surprise. 
-Uses so many little expression and uses them appropriately, like "actually"  "I guess" "Well..." "Oh boy!" and "gosh!"  (Those last two he picked up from Mickey Mouse. ;)  He has also started using his hands a lot when he talks for emphasis.  So stinkin' cute.
-Is quite the little conversationalist.  He will try to get right in your line of vision if he wants to talk to you.  And he likes to peoples' names when he is talking to them.  The other week at church a kid took his sister's boot and ran off with it and Noah turned to her and said, "Well Addison, sometimes I have one boot on and one boot off too." :)
-If he doesn't understand something he will ask, "What are you talking about, guys?"
-Has a great imagination!  We will pretend things for hours.  Yesterday while surrounded by all kinds of new toys, he was playing with an empty laundry basket and a stick.  He took me to his bus garage, a restaurant and the beach. :)
-Still loves tractors and buses.
-Still loves to read.  (His birthday party was a Richard Scarry "Busytown" theme. I think that deserves a post of its own later. :)
-Still loves to snuggle.  I'm a lucky mama.  (He still like to play with my hair too, although I did get a pretty major haircut.)

-I love my 3 year old!