Tuesday, January 24, 2012


December is a full and busy month and there is lots to tell, but I figured I better start with a 2 year old update for Noah!
At 2 YEARS OLD, he:
-Weighs 23 pounds and is 33 3/4 inches tall. Technically that is just making it onto the charts for weight and around the middle for height. One of the many reasons I love our doctor: when we went in for his 2 year check up she pulled up the chart on the computer, which of course he is barely on, turned it off, and said, "who needs a chart, look at him, he is doing great!" :)
-Has too many words to count and has stopped using all his signs except "yellow" and "raisin." Those must be a little too tricky still, although he has said them a few times recently. The last few months his vocabulary has increased exponentially! I was never worried, but now they can't even say he is delayed in that. ;) He is especially into saying people's names right now.
-Knows all of his colors and likes to identify the color of everything.
-Calls anything more than one "two!"
-Is pretty much the sweetest kid ever. Almost every time he gets out a toy, he says "thank you (whoever gave it to him)!" before he starts playing with it.
-Has a ridiculous memory. Seriously. Don't do something once if you're not prepared to do it every time afterward too.
-His new favorite thing: tractors. Whole post on that to come soon.
-Still loves cars, buses, and bikes. He has recently discovered that daddy has a whole "bike room" in the basement. Guess where we spend a lot of time now. Daddy sorted out some safe real tools for him and he thinks it is pretty much the coolest thing ever.
-Still loves being outside. I have to bribe him to come in with hot chocolate. :)
-Favorite foods: cheese, fruit, scrambled eggs, muffins, broccoli, chips
-Dislikes: getting washed at bathtime, beans, Ronald McDonald (the statue at McDonald's)
-I love my 2 year old!

*pictures by the fabulous Little Inspirations Photography