Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has sprung?

We have been having crazy warm weather here lately! I am a pretty huge fan of snow and winter, but I'll admit it has been really nice to get outside more (minus all the snow gear), especially with a 2 year old boy. (Not that I trust this weather. It will probably snow as soon as we're used to the warmth...) We have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying all kinds of spring-y activities.
We also had to do a little bit of shopping for a necessary addition to our spring wardrobe:This makes me so happy. :) I just love these boots! (Noah said I had to get some too and picked them out for me.
We have been enjoying bubbles:
Grilled food:
And Noah's favorite thing of all, riding on the lawnmower:
Seriously, this kid would ride on that thing forever. I cannot tell you how many times a day he asks for it...

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 2, 2012

If kids ran the world...

We are big fans of the child sponsorship organization Compassion International. A while ago we got a packet with a few pictures of kids waiting to be sponsored. We have used those pictures to pray for those children off and on since then and lately Noah has been asking to more and more. He has taken a special liking to one particular boy, Jeffrey from Ghana. Now every morning one of the first things Noah does is to find Jeffrey's picture and ask to pray for him, and then carry the picture around with him while he plays.There are descriptions on the back to read and ideas to pray for. One day when we were praying something along the lines of him having food to eat, this is the conversation that followed:
Noah took the breakfast he was eating and said, "Jeffrey, Noah's toast!"
Me: "What a good idea, you want to share some of your food with Jeffrey!"
Noah: "Yes!" He pretends to feed the picture and then hands me the toast, "Jeffrey toast!"
Me: "You want to bring that toast to Jeffrey?"
Noah: "Yes!"
Me: "Sorry buddy, he lives very far away."
Then it was one of those times where I could just see those little wheels turning in his head as he sat for awhile... and then looked at me proudly and said "Car!"
Me: "We should get in our car and drive it over to him?"
Noah: "Yes!"
Oh, what a sweet, smart boy! I'm pretty sure it would be a better place if kids ran the world. If someone needs something, somebody that has it should give it to them. If somebody is sad, you try to make them happy. Not really that complicated. (Silly adults can't quite seem to get it and follow through!) Thanks for the reminder, Noah.