Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mr. Clean

If you haven't heard it by now, Noah is kind of obsessed with cleaning instruments, particularly vacuums. All sizes, all volumes. (Mops and brooms are cool too, but not as much because they don't make noise.) He "sings" with it, almost always on key, and usually signs more and fusses when we are done. He knows that they are kept in our laundry/storage room, and if he hears that door open he makes a beeline for his beloved vacuums!Any theories on why he has this obsession? I would like to say because of his mother's excellent housekeeping skills, but that just isn't the case. I actually clean more now because he likes it so much. Thanks, buddy. Maybe the noise reminds him of NICU machines? Or he remembers seeing the cleaning lady go by his pod everyday? I don't know. It is pretty funny.

He is also an excellent little helper with other things, like emptying the dishwasher. He helps me every day. Not something I started intentionally, he just comes everywhere with me and is interested in everything I do and one day grabbed a spoon and handed to me and that was that. He is SO proud of himself and it is so cute. Just another reminder that I am being very closely watched and teaching through it whether I like it or not!
He also helps hand me with laundry and puts things away in drawers. And loves to play with the knobs on the washing machine. He is definitely a little boy and is in the "I must find out how everything works" stage.

Don't let those things fool you completely though. He is a one-year old boy and generally leaves a trail like this behind him:

I embrace these ordinary things in my day and treasure these moments. They are already going by quickly, as my little boy is growing and growing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March of Dimes

It's March of Dimes time!!
It's one thing to see all the signs with cute babies on them and those little diapers posted at K-Mart and think they look pretty small, it's another to know that they were too big for your own child when he was born. So yes, I intend to participate in the March with enthusiasm.
There is a badge to the left that you can click on to donate. And if you are in the area and want to walk with us, you can join Team Noah!

If you want to know a specific way the March of Dimes helped save Noah's life, here you go:
One of the results from their research is the use of surfactant. My NICU family guide gives this definition: "A natural soapy substance found in mature lungs. It acts as a lubricant in the lungs to help them expand more easily and to keep the air sacs from collapsing. Artificial surfactant is occasionaly given to premature babies until they are able to make their own." The lungs are one of the biggest concerns for a preemie. Think of everything they are asked to do that they aren't supposed to have to do for months. Noah definitely had his issues and although memories from those first weeks are kind of fuzzy, I know that he was given multiple doses of surfactant. Who knew I would ever be thankful that someone created an artificial soapy substance to put in my child's lungs?

Think about it.
And expect more bugging from me.
It matters.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adjusted one-year

"Happy adjusted birthday to you; happy adjusted birthday to you; happy adjusted birthday dear Noah....happy adjusted birthday to you!!" It's kind of a mouthful. And kind of weird. But if Noah would have been born exactly on his due date, yesterday would have been his birthday.
Since I haven't done a good ol' update in a while, here you go.
At adjusted one year/15 months Noah:
  • Weighs 19 1/2 pounds and is 28 1/2 inches long (That is more than 10 times his birthweight.)
  • Has 6 teeth
  • Cruises on furniture and loves pushing his walking toys (He knows it is a big deal because he always makes sure someone is watching and usually waves.)

  • Can stand on his own for a few seconds (I think he is strong enough to do more, but when he realizes he isn't holding on to something he gets nervous and sits down.)
  • Signs "more" A LOT. It is a very useful sign. (Although sometimes we have no idea what he wants more of.) For example, if he wants to go outside he gets his snowsuit and signs it and if he wants to nurse he gets the Boppy and signs it.
  • Also signs "all done," "eat" and "music," but not as much.
  • LOVES music. He dances, sings, claps, or a combination whenever he hears any. Some of his favorites are: Kickin' It Old School and This Is My Father's World by GoFish, 3 Little Monkeys by Daddy, The B-I-B-L-E and Pony Macaroni by Mommy, the Full House theme song, and anything on Seeds Family Worship (If you have kids you must check this out. Awesome.)
  • Is obsessed with vacuums.

  • Still loves to be outside, even when it is freezing.

  • Lucy is his BFF and he is usually very good with her. He knows how to play with her using her toys.

  • Still shares everything, even with other kids.
  • Absolutely loves to play with my hair. And usually suck on his thumb at the same time.

  • Has figured out things like: how to push buttons (i.e. TV) with his pointer finger, how to open the lid of and flush the toilet, how to open most drawers and door (including some "childproof" ones, and how to go down stairs.
  • Here are some more examples why I am not at all concerned about his mental development: He turns on the TV and DVD player, gets his GoFish DVD and opens it, and signs more. He has pushed a box over to get up on a chair to reach the table (the box partially collapsed and scared him so he hasn't tried again, but I know it's coming).
  • Is learning so many new things and is so cute and wonderful it would take me a very long time to list it all!