Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Noah,

Sometimes (really many times) I am amazed at the person you are already becoming.  I know you are only 2 years old, but the way you approach life, the way you treat others, and the way you are already starting to connect with God is just that, amazing, and I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for every moment that I get to spend with you.
You already challenge my thinking with the questions you ask, astound me with the things you remember and put together, and warm my heart with your reminders of the "happy news" and with your sweet voice singing praises to God.
From the moment you were born you have approached everything with a little extra determination.  From the moment you figured out the power of a hug, a smile, and a "thank you," you have given them freely.  From the moment you figured out that money can be used to affect others, you have generously given it.  From the moment you realized that you could "help," you have been by my side to do just that.
As much as I love watching your body grow and your sweet face changing from a chubby baby to a handsome boy, and watching your mind grow as you learn more and more about the world and yourself each day, I think I love this the most--watching your heart grow, your character develop, God already at work in your precious life.  I pray for these things with all my strength, and getting to be a part of it is the most important, inspiring, and humbling thing I have ever done.  I love you, my son.