Monday, May 9, 2011

March for Babies 2011

It's a little delayed, but I wanted to be sure to post about the March for Babies. It was great! Team Noah! had lots of fun and went above and beyond our fundraising goal. Thank you, thank you! The weather was yucky and rainy, but we had fun inside anyway. It was a low-stress, high-fun kind of event so we marched some laps, took some pictures, ate some food and called it a success! I think it is safe to say everyone has a good time. Noah got to ride in his decorated stroller and of course showed off his walking skills too. Great-Grandpa walked the fastest and had to wait for everyone else to catch up. :) Here is our awesome team posing for our official picture:There's our little inspiration, Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa, Great-Aunt Tammy and Great-Uncle Erik and their kids Jack and Ruth, and "Auntie" Laurie! We are so blessed to have all of these wonderful people in our lives! Thank you all for marching with us!I sometimes talk about myself as a "NICU mom" and how it is something I will always be. But how self-centered of me to think that I am the only one to have that "title." We are a NICU family. Becoming a grandma, grandpa, aunt, etc. didn't go how anyone expected. But we couldn't have asked for a more loving and supportive family through all of it (and still). I love you guys!
I just got a letter saying the March in our area raised $40,000! It felt good to have a little part in that. (For a little perspecitve, that would leave a little over $300,000 to cover Noah's NICU stay... ) And I got lots of good ideas for next year. Oh, and if you thought you missed your chance this year you would be wrong--donations are accepted until May 31!

We March!

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