Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One and a half!

We have reached the "and a half" stage of life! Our little boy is one and a half; can you believe it?Here is an update on our busy boy. At 18 months Noah:

  • Weighs 21 pounds and is 30 inches long (that's in the 1st and 3rd percentiles, thank you very much!)

  • Uses 35 signs and 10 words. He really is able to communicate quite a bit and rarely gets frustrated.

  • The first word that he used consistently was "bible."

  • Is obesessed with cars. Not toy cars, real cars. Grandpa started it all and is very happy about this.

  • Loves keys and tries to put them in doors and ignitions. (nobody taught him this intentionally, mind you)

  • Can find his feet/toes, belly button, hands, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. His belly button is his favorite. He also likes to lift up other people's shirts to find theirs...wonder how long that will be cute?

  • Walks very quickly like a pro and kind of runs

  • Is getting pretty good at using a cup and spoon, although it is still a messy undertaking

  • Can point to animals, balls, etc in books

  • Does the actions to "If You're Happy And You Know It" and some to "Skidamarink" and "Wheels on the Bus"

  • Sings "nananana" with songs that have it in them

  • Has a fake laugh that he does whenever anyone else laughs

  • Claps for himself whenever you say "good job" (or if he thinks you should)

  • Loves running around and playing with the kids at church

  • Loves playing outside and in the dirt

  • Can throw and kick a ball

  • Likes to turn things upside down and look for batteries, latches, etc.

  • Eats just about everything. His very favorites are fruit, cheese, and noodles. He also likes raw vegtables and parmesan cheese (not the sawdust kind from a shaker, the real hard cheese kind that tastes super strong by itself)

This is turning into a very long list because he is learning things so quickly and has quite the personality! He is one smart cookie and is all boy. He keeps us busy, entertained, and thankful every day.

  • I love my one and a half year old!!

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  1. boy is he cute! and growing so fast, happy to hear he's doing so well. :)