Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Update

Tomorrow I will already be 20 weeks along in this pregnancy!  And tomorrow we have an ultrasound!  So, what do you think: pink or blue?  My first hunch was boy, but Noah says girl.  (Yes, my two year old does have an opinion.  Every time I have asked he says, "girl baby."  I think he wants a girl like his little cousin. :)  I will be thrilled either way!  I love love love my boy and would gladly take another one and I think it would be fun for Noah to have a brother, but I'll admit that sometimes after talking about nothing but lawnmowers, cars, and buses all day long that I think how nice it would be to have a little girl. :) 
These past couple weeks I have finally started to feel better.  Hooray!  Amazing how much more you can get accomplished when you don't constantly feel like throwing up.  I was also having crazy hip pain already; I don't know if it was just how Baby was positioned or what, but that started to go away on its own and then I started going to the chiropractor and thankfully that is gone too.  Actually, between not feeling sick, getting my thyroid medication dose adjusted, and going to the chiropractor, I feel better than I have in a long time!
So far everything has been looking good for both me and Baby at doctor's appointments.  Even if I was to have preeclampsia again, nothing would show up this early, but I still feel that sense of relief each time I hear everything looks good.  Really the only thing different between this pregnancy and a "normal" one so far has been needing to get my TSH checked more often for my thyroid.  The change will come once we hit 25/26 weeks; then I will start going in for weekly appointments and ultrasounds.  That is the point when my blood pressure just barely started to go up last time.  (My blood pressure is usually really low so the numbers themselves weren't scary.  And then nothing else really happened until everything happened.  I guess when it comes to medical things I am quite dramatic.)  The only "prevention" they can do is to watch me closely, so that is the plan.  (I try not to think about the fact that isn't really that far away and everything could change at that point...)
Hoping and praying to see a big, healthy baby tomorrow and a glimpse at whether Noah will have a brother or a sister!!  (Noah was already measuring small at this point; at the time it was just considered that he was "on the small side" but now we know that it was because he was already growth restricted and not as healthy as he should have been.) 
Check back tomorrow for pink or blue! :)

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