Friday, January 4, 2013

She's Three! (months)

Okay, actually she's almost 4 months but I had to match Noah's "three" :)
Lydia is a very happy and healthy growing girl!  At her 2 month appointment she was already 13 pounds, and from our scale at home she is now 15.2 pounds!  And almost 24 inches long!  That means she is already in 6 month size clothes.  (I know that is pretty standard, but it is weird to me!  I kept squishing her into 3 month size like my poor NICU mom brain just couldn't comprehend that she could wear a size up.)  As you could probably guess from those facts, she is still an excellent eater.  She is doing pretty well with the sleeping thing too and has slept all the way through the night quite a few times already.  She still doesn't like sleeping flat and would prefer to be snuggled in someone's arms or in her swing.
She is so smiley and talkative=super adorable!  She is a big fan of having "conversations" and has recently learned to both screech and yell.  Just like her brother was, when she is awake those legs are usually a kickin'!  She is starting to like to look at books and toys and was especially fond of Noah's shiny birthday balloons.  She adores her Daddy and I think she has comfortably found a place for him right around her little finger. :)
Noah is still doing great as a big brother, and still refuses to call her anything other than GirlBaby.  He likes to bring her a paci or toys and will ask, "What does GirlBaby want?" or will inform me, "My sister is crying."  (Although he really doesn't like it when she cries and it will sometimes set him off, so I am VERY thankful that she is so happy!)
Overall I'd say we are adjusting well.  Honestly, the whole 2 kids thing hasn't been that hard for me; it's the cleaning and cooking and being expected to fully function thing on top of it that is tricky. ;)  But I know these are precious times and am trying to soak up as many baby smiles and snuggles and toddler antics and adventures as I possibly can.

I loooooove my Lydia!

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