Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I have a question for you. . ."

I hear those words many times every day.  (Of course I hear many other questions that are not prefaced by them either.)  And so here is a list of some of the questions I answered today:

"What does that song mean?"
"What does 'glory' mean?"
"Does Jesus have a throne?"
"What does the throne look like?"
"What does heaven look like?"
"If I make good choices and Jesus takes my sin, will I go to heaven someday?"
"Will you still be my mom in heaven?"
"What was Zaccheus' mom's name?"
"Why is Goliath a giant and Jupiter is a gas giant?"
"Is Goliath real?"
"Why did David fight Goliath?"
"Is Jesus a warrior?"
"Who does he fight?"
"What is that thing up by the ad. building?" (referring to an electrical pole and wires)
"Is electricity on the inside or outside of wires?"
"What does electricity do?"
"Do cars have electricity?"
"So if cars need electricity to go but they don't have wires, do they have big batteries?"
"Does Leo's house have electricity?"
"Does the whole town have electricity?"
"Why do Tiggers not like honey?"
"Is Lucy sick?" (because we all have colds)
"Can GirlBaby have some of my pancake?"
"Why did you give me this?" (referring to something he specifically just asked for)
"Why did he say/do that?" (referring to random things in books)
"Can we read Frog and Toad again?" (for the fifth time... that is his favorite book at the moment!)
"What did you say?"
"But why?"

That is just a sampling of the most memorable ones. I swear those were all straight from the mind and mouth of my 3 year old.  And those were all unprompted; I often set up activities or pick specific books to teach him something and of course that leads to many questions, but these all happen to be all Noah.  That boy is always thinking; sometimes you can practically see those little wheels turning.
So now I am going to sit for a while and not answer any more questions.  Until Noah wakes up.  Good night.

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