Thursday, May 23, 2013

8 Month Old Lydia

At 8 months old Lydia:
-Weighs 20-ish pounds, probably closer to 21 by now.  At her last dr. appointment about a month and half ago she was 19 lb 15 oz.  Which is in the 93rd percentile.  Weird (as in different than the numbers I am used to seeing!).  No wonder my arms are tired.
-Is still not a fan of pureed baby food.  (Obviously this is not affecting her growth any so I am not too worried.  :)  She flat out will not eat anything from a jar (and really, who can blame her).  She has done okay with a few of the purees I have made her from scratch and I need to get a little more adventurous in the flavors and see how she does.  She loves sucking on apples and recently discovered almost finished watermelon.  She has also started with Cheerios and loves those.  She can even get them in her mouth on her own.

-Doesn't have any teeth yet.
-Can sit up just fine but you can't actually leave her unattended because she will throw herself full force backwards at any given moment.

-Is so, so close to crawling.
-Rolls and pivots all over the place.
-Loves playing with toys.  That may sound obvious, but I don't remember Noah loving to play with things the way she does, at least not as early.
-Thankfully she loves her bouncer
-Says "mama" and "dada" among other sounds and seems to do in on purpose sometimes.  Either way it is cute.
-Is excellent at blowing raspberries
-Loves her brother more than anything.  All he has to do is look at her and she giggles and screams with happiness.

-Is seriously the loudest baby I have ever seen.  She yells loudly, a lot.  They are happy noises, but still loud.

-Is such a happy baby!  This is what her typical smile looks like:

 -Is not the greatest sleeper, to put it mildly.  Just like Noah did at this age, she takes half hour to hour power naps and that is it.  (Unless of course she is being snuggled.)
-She is not exactly a dainty and delicate little lady.  She loves playing crazy and rough. She is always flinging herself around and the other day she cracked her head right against mine.  Did she start crying or be scared?  Nope, belly laughed and kept doing it over and over.  And did I mention that she is loud? :)
-Gets many of the same comments her brother did at this age--about her eyelashes, how she looks like us, and how alert and aware of things she is.  And one comment her brother didn't get so much--"Whoa, look at those rolls!" :)
-I love my 8 month old!

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  1. So cute! Elijah never ate baby food. I used a grinder for maybe a week and then transitioned right to real food. He tries and mostly eats anything and everything. :) Can hardly wait to meet her!