Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a good thing

Yes, my kid sucks his thumb, and yes, I think it is a good thing. It is one of those things that everyone feels they have to comment on. Which is fine, but be forewarned that I choose to ignore the "just wait until you see the dentist"and "good luck taking that away" comments.
He has slept through the night (as in 10-11 hours through the night) every night since he found it. He can soothe himself. It is a big clue for mommy as to when he is getting tired or hungry. And, like pretty much everything he does, it is adorable.

He is working on perfecting his method.
At first he would keep all his other fingers up and occasionally poke himself in the eye.
Now he has just the pointer finger hooked over his nose all cute like.
If it is really serious, he props it with the other hand.
It generally goes in between each bite of food.
And my kid is so talented, he can even suck his thumb upside down.
Good job, buddy.


  1. CUTE!!! Caleb sucks his thumb, too, and I'm glad. But he hasn't perfected the method yet. He still pokes himself in the eye.

  2. Jeff was my thumb sucker until his grade school teacher (first or second grade?) told us he was sucking his thumb behind his book while reading! It took a big prize award from us to finally get him to stop. But he still rubs his finger on his lip at age 22 :)