Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

I am giving myself a gold star (or maybe heart...) for this Valentine's Day. Because I made this:Italian potroast and roasted potatoes, which was de-licious. My Italian chef husband even said it tasted authentically Italian; that is a big compliment.
And see my clever romantic decor--cards we have given each other in the past. We looked through our boxes of saved notes and cards and presents over dessert. I think that will have to be a new Valentine's Day tradition.

And this:
Cheesecake with ganache and chocolate covered strawberries. No further explanation required.

For him:

With him:Not an easy task. But it was worth it. (By the way, you know that whole long nap where I can get everything done that everyone tells me exists and would happen eventually...still waiting.) Noah is a good little helper too.
He helped crush the graham crackers for the crust.

And did an inventory of the entire contents of the cupboard.

We also tried Valentine's Day "fingerpainting" (with pudding).
But... since I actually planned and prepared it, Noah was interested for about 11 seconds. Oh well.
He was stylin' all day long in his Valentine's shirt that he and Daddy picked out.
He sure is a little sweetheart!
I love my boys!!Thank you, Daddy, for persevering to get this wonderful picture!

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