Friday, March 18, 2011

March of Dimes

It's March of Dimes time!!
It's one thing to see all the signs with cute babies on them and those little diapers posted at K-Mart and think they look pretty small, it's another to know that they were too big for your own child when he was born. So yes, I intend to participate in the March with enthusiasm.
There is a badge to the left that you can click on to donate. And if you are in the area and want to walk with us, you can join Team Noah!

If you want to know a specific way the March of Dimes helped save Noah's life, here you go:
One of the results from their research is the use of surfactant. My NICU family guide gives this definition: "A natural soapy substance found in mature lungs. It acts as a lubricant in the lungs to help them expand more easily and to keep the air sacs from collapsing. Artificial surfactant is occasionaly given to premature babies until they are able to make their own." The lungs are one of the biggest concerns for a preemie. Think of everything they are asked to do that they aren't supposed to have to do for months. Noah definitely had his issues and although memories from those first weeks are kind of fuzzy, I know that he was given multiple doses of surfactant. Who knew I would ever be thankful that someone created an artificial soapy substance to put in my child's lungs?

Think about it.
And expect more bugging from me.
It matters.

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