Friday, August 19, 2011

Overdue camp post

August has been a CRAZY month for us, and it is going to finish out that way too. The first few weeks were camp and VBS and the next few are finishing up our new house and moving over. All good things, but I don't remember the last time we had this much on our schedule.
Thus the lack of blogging. But Camp and VBS are two of our favoritest things, so I have to share some tidbits and pictures. :) I'll start off with camp. It was a great week with 55 campers from the Red Lake reservation. This was my eighth year of helping...I am getting old. Some kids I had as campers my first few years are now teenagers and coming back as "leaders in training." Pretty awesome. There is always so much that happens spiritually during those few days and it is so exciting yet it is also always so hard for me knowing that most of those kids go back to little to no support and encouragement spiritually and just plain bad situations. Pray for them.
Here are some of my favorite pictures and reminders:

These kids touch and break my heart in a way nothing else does.
Noah likes to be the center of attention. ( Particularly girls' attention. Oh boy...)
My role at camp has changed a lot since becoming a mom, but I wouldn't change it for anything.
Noah loves to swim.
My husband rocks.Besides doing things like taking Noah down the giant slip 'n slide (which he liked, despite the look on his face in this picture), he handled so many big and little things that came up throughout the whole week, shared a message with the whole camp each morning, and did most of the training for the LIT's. Yes, he rocks.

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