Friday, October 14, 2011

22 months old--2 away from 2!

I don't know if anyone actually checks this regularly, but I apologize for the lack of posting if you do! Life has been pretty crazy lately, and blogging just didn't make it high enough on the to-do list. (Which is a bummer, because I do enjoy it...)
Anyway, it is time for another Noah update! 22 months old!! (That is almost two. A book I was reading pointed out that is half way to four. For some reason thinking about it that way made me cry...)
-We haven't been to the doctor in so long I don't know how much he officially weighs, but by our measurements on our growth chart he is up to 32 inches tall. A few people have commented he is tall in the past couple days.
-He definitely doesn't look like a baby at all any more! And over the past few months he has gone from looking less like a toddler and more like a little boy.
-I didn't sit down and count how many words he uses before I started writing this, but it is getting up there. He still uses lots of signs too and rarely gets frustrated from not being able to communicate. One of the many huge blessing of being a stay at home mom is that I know what pretty much every little gesture and inflection means because we spend so much time together. -His most used words are "daddy" and "mama" (seriously, we are talking hundreds of times a day here) and he loves to say his name now: "O-ah". (He can say the n sound in "no" but his name is always "o-ah." Why is that? :)
-Answers questions very enthusiastically with "yeeeaaah!" or "yup! yup! yup!" It is ridiculously cute. (Or "no" and "nope" of course.)
-He is learning colors and calls pretty much everything "boo." But he usually finds blue, orange, and yellow correctly if you ask him.
-Counts to two.
-Asks to hold pretty much everything, including but not limited to: bugs, any animal, airplanes, the moon, and babies. :)
-Says (signs, actually) "please" and "thank you", often without being asked. He is actually learning things I am teaching; hooray!
-Still loves cars, actually any vehicle, and his new favorite thing is tools. He loves to have the coffee table tipped over and "fix" it with his tools. It holds the record for the activity he has done the longest. :)
-Still loves to snuggle.
-Still loves to play as crazy and fast as possible.
-Loves it when we pray and says "aaaaaa-men."
-Claps and says "yay!" whenever a song is done, especially when it is daddy playing guitar.
-Loves to "help" with whatever we are doing.
I love my 22 month old!

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  1. What a CUTE almost-2-year-old! He's getting so grown up!