Sunday, October 16, 2011

I have my reasons

I am fully aware that I am slightly obsessive in the picture taking department. I am happy to be the crazy mom with a camera. I pretty much have my son brainwashed already, who says "cheese!" whenever he sees a camera, and even my hubby is coming around and not minding so much when I stick a camera in his face. :)
I have my reasons. Pictures are memories, and memories are very important to me. (Although I know and sometimes have to remind myself that you also need to put down the camera and be part of the memories in the first place.) Often when I look at a picture I remember taking the picture and so what the picture is of is a stronger memory. Make sense? It does in my world.
I have lots of uses for them too. My husband has told me that I can't plaster our faces all over the walls, but there's no better decoration to me than a picture of my family. (Maybe if I do it slowly he won't really notice... love you, honey! :) Noah loves to look at pictures of us and grandpas and grandmas and things we have done. I like making "books" out of them.
Another thing that I love is getting to give pictures to kids at church or camp or things like that. Especially those who don't have that many photographs. I handed some out at the end of VBS this year and loved seeing the reactions. The younger ones ran around carrying them and showing them to anyone who would look shouting "it's me!"
Today I had some to give to our Sunday School kids from various things over the past couple months. One of them looked through them and said, "these are good memories that I will keep forever." This is an 8 year old boy who has two sisters that walk to church every week on their own, live with their grandma and whoever else happens to be crashing at the house (last I heard it was 8, which meant the kids lost their bedroom) because their dad is in jail and their mom is who knows where and shows up every once in a while. Those kids deserve as many good memories as they can get.
And those are my reasons. Let the memory capturing continue.

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  1. Perfect reason to do something you love! I'm so glad you do. I am not as good at taking pictures but my camera is also broke right now which doesn't help. I love this story and love your heart. Blessings!