Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Update

Happy dance time!  We successfully made it past 24 weeks!  This is a huge milestone because it is when a baby goes into the "probably will make it" category.  Even though there was nothing to indicate I should be worried about not making it this far, it is still something that is burned in my brain and I can't help but breathe a little easier.  AND my blood pressure at our 25 week appointment was awesome!!  This is the time when it started to go up with Noah.
She is still measuring on the small side, but it is within the range they look for and she is keeping up on her own growth and development curve, so my doctor is happy with it.  (I'm thinking a smaller full-term baby isn't such a bad deal anyway... :)  Although it has been hard to get an accurate measurement because she isn't the most cooperative with ultrasounds.  Every time she has been curled up in a ball with her head wedged by my right hip.  Last time as soon as the tech started looking by her face she turned towards my back.  She'll have to get over that real quick once she meets me and my camera face to face. :)
I am certainly thankful for ultrasounds and how they are able to watch her so closely! But I have to admit it isn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be to have so many.  Maybe because they kind of all look the same.  (And as Noah pointed out when I showed him some pictures, "it looks a little scary.")  But I think it is really because from this point on I have an actual frame of reference to what a baby that size looks like.  I have seen a baby less then two pounds, held a two pound baby, nursed a three pound baby, and four pounds and up is pretty much a cute tiny version of any newborn.  So the black and white fuzzy picture just doesn't quite do it justice.  But like I said, it is wonderful to be able to watch her so closely, and to see some wiggles and a little idea of her features.
If her activity level right now is any indication, she is going to have no trouble keeping up with her brother and I am going to be very busy!  I never felt Noah move this much.  Seriously, little girl, what are you doing in there? ;)  Overall I feel much more pregnant this time around, if that makes sense.  I am feeling a lot more pregnancy "things" and will soon pass up how big I got with Noah.  I'll take those as good signs!
Noah continues to already be a wonderful big brother.  He asks on a regular basis for me to open my tummy so he can hold the baby.  Yesterday he gave her (my belly) a hug.  I have been wondering how he would react seeing some of "his" baby gear being used by a new baby, especially the high chair because right now he is still using it.  But the other day he totally out of the blue said, "GirlBaby can use Noah's high chair!  I get a big boy chair."  That kid never ceases to amaze me.  Although he still insists and tells people that there are "two babies, one girl baby and one boy baby."  And he usually gets a pretty good reaction, so I'm sure he will keep on saying it.
So other than being a little paranoid, everything is still going well!  It definitely takes a lot of the fun out of being pregnant when I wonder every time I feel a little off if it is my blood pressure, or every time I have a stomach ache if it is my liver...
28 weeks is fast approaching, where we will do another happy dance.  And probably have a party with cake and balloons, because that's just how we roll.
Thank you, thank you to everyone who continues to pray for our family!  It means a lot and we are very grateful!

(25 weeks and growing!)

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  1. How exciting! Ellie, I'm so looking forward to meeting your little girl and seeing Noah so big!