Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wonderful ordinary again ~~ 2 1/2!

Noah is officially 2 and a HALF!  It seems appropriate to do another update, but you're going to have to settle for one that is very "ordinary."  Because the amazing and wonderful fact is that Noah acts and looks just like any typical 2 1/2 year old boy.  He is caught up (or ahead) in every category.  Well, he's still in the tall and skinny category, but I think that has a little more to do with the gene pool than being preemie!  He goes to the doctor the same amount as any other toddler.  Heck, he is actually healthier than most toddlers I know.  He is done with early intervention services because even on paper he is caught up in every area.  Reading back over those last sentences it sounds like bragging, but it is really just ORDINARY!  And his mommy being extremely THANKFUL!   The older he gets the more honest comments I hear from people like, "I wondered if he would even make it. I can't believe he is doing so well!" or "I know such and such a person with a preemie who still struggles or has health issues."  Even the NICU nurses have made told me, "He really looks good.  He really didn't look good when he was born."  And my favorite conversation I had with one of the staff a couple months ago:  Staff: "How is Noah doing?  Is he walking and those kinds of things yet?"  Me:  "Walking, running, jumping, talking...."  Staff: "What, he is talking?!"  Me: "Well, he is almost 2 1/2."  Staff: "2 1/2!  No he's not!!  It wasn't that long ago!  Wait, is he?"  Me: "Um, yes."
Yes, it really was that long ago.  Just for fun and Mommy's memory, here is a little update on Noah at 2 1/2:
  • Weighs 25 1/2 pounds and is almost 35 inches tall
  • Gives me a running commentary on life all day long... no speech concerns here!  He also copies anything we say and understands everything we say!
  • Has started to sing entire songs.  Ohmygoodness, one of the cutest things ever!  His two favorite songs that we sing every day at his request are "Hosanna" and "Noel."  (Yes, an Easter song and a Christmas song; I love my kid. :)  Other favorites are "The Lord Is My Shepherd," "Wheels on the Bus," and any of the songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Can count to 12 if he really feels like it
  • I learned today that he can sing the ABC's pretty well and is starting to recognize the letters in his name
  • Has a seriously amazing memory!
  • Still loves cars, tractors, buses, and has added the riding lawnmower to that list.  I'm pretty sure if he could reach the pedals and the shifter at the same time he would drive...  
  • Has taken his love of keys to a whole new level.  He can take Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, or Grandpa's keys and tell you what each and every one does.  It is kind of crazy.  He also knows that most ignition keys have a black top and can pick those of anyone's keychain.  
  • Can look in the parking lot and tell you which staff are on campus because he has everyone's vehicle memorized.
  • Is still a major snuggler and still loves my hair
  • Overall is such a kind and polite kid! Almost every night he says to me at dinner, "Thank you Mama for making me this food!"  Once he made Corey a thank you card for vacuuming the floors.
  • Loves to help with pretty much everything
  • Is using his imagination more and more.  The other night he was playing with his little ride-on train, going to a meeting and to work.  Then he needed to go to the gas station.  Then the train got a flat tire (many times in a row).  Then there was a cow in the road.  The cow moved, but it was sick so we had to bring it to the cow doctor.  Then the cow needed a bandaid, to rest, and to be rocked by Mommy.  And this was all in the 20 minutes before bedtime. :)
  • Has given us a taste of the "terrible twos," with throw himself on the ground screaming and periods of what we like to call "the little dictator."  But he always calms down pretty quickly and comes back for hugs.  Overall I have to say that the twos have been much more terrific than terrible!
  • I love my 2 1/2 year old!

(P.S. According to my Facebook counter thing, GirlBaby is officially 24 weeks today, meaning she is right around the size Noah was when he was born!)

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