Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Update!

The basic update is: I'm still pregnant!! 
33 weeks and feeling big!

At 30 weeks she slipped even lower on the charts for weight, so I now go in for weekly ultrasounds.  The phrase, "if... then we will deliver" was used at that point and honestly I kind of started planning for the NICU.  But even though she is still tiny, everything for both of us has continued to check out just fine each week.  They are particularly keeping an eye on blood flow through the umbilical cord and the fluid around her, but both have been fine!  At 31 weeks my doctor said, "well, I am happy with how things look and I think we will get you to very little time spent in the nursery, but you are just not going to have a big baby."  I'll take little and healthy any day!  At 32 weeks she was measuring at 3 1/2 pounds, which is technically in the 5th percentile, but hey, it's pretty big to us! 
I actually have something to show for all those ultrasounds, as she finally cooperated long enough to get a 3D shot of her face:

Here is big brother Noah at 32 weeks also:
Minus the nasal canula, I'm definitely thinking they look like siblings, don't you? :)
Noah continues to already be an awesome big brother and is ready to meet this baby already!  He continues to ask to hold her, and once tried to use a key to open my belly.  His latest thing is to say that she needs a "smaller" one of everything including furniture, a bike, and a lawnmower.  And he made sure to say she would need a very small helmet for her bike too.  Already looking out for his little sis! :)
Today we even started talking about delivery.  If we make it one more week, we will be able to deliver in our hometown, and there really isn't any reason to think I won't make it to full term.  Delivering here and actually bringing a baby home with us from the hospital--crazy!  She is still breech and the chances of her flipping are not very high, so we are looking at a c-section at 38 weeks, just a little over a month away.  Ah!!  Now there is a giant list of things that I want to get done running through my head.  But it's kind of fun to actually make it to the planning to bring her home part. :) 


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Wow! And only one more month until delivery? Oh my goodness! It's actually happening! So bizarre! Amazing! (Yes, I used all exclamation points in that paragraph and no periods...it's a grand occasion!)

  2. Wow look how much they look alike! Getting so excited to meet your little munchkin!!