Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Boy Update

Along with my baby belly, there is also a toddler around here who keeps growing and changing!
Besides his soon to be official "big brother" status, here are a couple of other things that have been happening with our big boy:

He is now in his big boy bed!
I will admit, this was not by my choice.  Call me crazy, but my plan was to keep him in a crib as long as he would actually stay in a crib.  So yes, you guessed it, he officially mastered the art of climbing out of the crib and left us no choice.  The first few nights were rough and I would find him sleeping in his rocking chair and he kept asking for his crib back, but I think we're pretty much adjusted now.  He gets very excited to show people his bed and told me, "I sure do like my big boy bed!"

He got his first big boy bike!
If you know my husband you know that this was just as exciting for him as Noah, and that this is a "real bike" from a bike shop.  (because apparently the bikes at Walmart, Target, etc are not "real bikes" :)  Noah loved the bike shop just about as much as his Daddy!  And he has been wanting his own bike and to ride like Daddy for a long time.  He doesn't quite have the hang of it yet, but he loves having his very own bike.

He has developed quite a taste for the classics, especially Richard Scarry! 
He will literally sit with someone for hours with a big Richard Scarry book.  And then we discovered that there are some videos of them on YouTube...  needless to say Huckle, Lowly, Bananas Gorilla, Sergeant Murphy and company have knocked Mickey Mouse and friends out of favorite status for him. :)   He has also recently decided that "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" is hilarious and is a pretty big Dr. Suess fan.

He has definitely entered the infamous "why?" stage!  I can see how it gets old, but it isn't like he is saying it as back talk, he is asking legitimate questions.  Why did you put that there?  Why did that person do that? etc. etc. etc.  Oh, and also "what does it mean?"  He has asked me a couple times in the past few days, "What does God mean?"   You know, simple little questions like that.  :)  Before he picked those questions up he would bring me something or hear about something and say, "teach me about that, Mama."  He has always been very inquisitive and aware of what is going on around him, even as an infant.  I'll take it. :)  He also wants to know what everybody's name is, and if I say that I don't know he asks, "do they have a name tag?"  Inquisitive and logical.  And whenever he sees or we talk about an animal he asks, "what is its favorite food to eat?"  Not quite sure where he picked up that one.  I know some people think I am crazy, but I honestly enjoy conversing with my two year old!

The other day he told me what he wants to do when he grows up: "be a righteous man" (I guess he has been listening all those times I pray Genesis 6:9 over him!) and "drive a big up-truck [dump truck]." :)  And then he said once he knows how to drive it he will "take Daddy's up-truck for a nice drive in the country."

I just love this big boy.

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