Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One more update!

One last update before GirlBaby makes her appearance TOMORROW at 10:30!! 
I lost count, but I know I had at least a dozen ultrasounds, plus more doctor visits, so I am ready to be done with that part!  
She decided to catch up in growing a couple of weeks ago, measuring 5 1/2 pounds, so she should be right around 6 1/2 tomorrow, at 39 glorious weeks!  When my doctor looked at that ultrasound he said, "If this was the only ultrasound I ever saw I would assume it was from a perfectly healthy and routine pregnancy."  What a nice change from his first description of "rare and special." :)  We are so, so thankful.
To be honest the whole concept of a c-section doesn't really bother me at all.  Some women act like it is the end of the world and somehow makes you less of a mom, but when you have been through what we have, anything other than the end of the story being a mom and baby is pretty much just details.  I don't know if my doctor would have let me try for a VBAC anyway, but GirlBaby made it perfectly clear that she was not moving from as breech as she could possibly get, so that made that decision easy.  I am so ready to not have someone literally sitting on my bladder!
That being said, I am actually a little more anxious for this one considering I have had more than 10 minutes to think about it and won't be completely sedated. But I know it will be worth it!  Corey and I were talking about how different it is going to be to actually be among the first people to see and touch our baby.  Yup, pretty excited about that.
Noah is still excited and hopefully will be tomorrow too!  We had a "Big Brother Party" for him tonight and had lots of fun.  I know there will definitely be some adjusting, but I think he is going to be an awesome brother!
Thank you so much for all your love and prayers!!
 (I'm sure just a few pictures will be taken tomorrow :) and we will try to post some soon.)

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