Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here it is!

Considering we have a healthy, happy, 14 pound baby, I decided it was time to bid our CaringBridge days farewell. But I also realized I don't want to stop "updating." I really enjoy writing and sharing about our little miracle and how God continues to be faithful to our family. And if someone cares enough about us to check up on us, I think that is pretty valuable and special. So here I am, officially reentering the blogging world. I had to think of some clever "blog-y" title and Embracing the Ordinary is what I came up with. Here's why.

In the age of Blogger, Facebook, MySpace and so on, apparently we must be ready to explain who we are in a succinct "about me" paragraph. (which is kind of strange when you really think about it...) Let's see, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife and a mom. A description that applies to countless women, which is why you could say it falls under the category of "ordinary." But the things "about me" that are my very favorite, that give me indescribable joy and satisfaction, are being a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife and a mom.

I always thought I wanted to get married, but I never imagined I would love being a wife this much. And I always thought I wanted to have a child, but I never imagined I would love being a mom this much. Ordinary? Perhaps. But I embrace that ordinary and consider each day it brings a blessing.

As for being a follower of Jesus, how can you put into words the blessing, privilege and responsibility of being loved and redeemed by the One who knows you the best and has the best to give you? Jesus gave his life for "ordinary" people. And he offers the most extraordinary life--here & now and forever. I embrace that truth and the promises of my Savior to this ordinary sinner wholeheartedly.

Jesus' first followers Peter and John were closely watched. Acts 4:13 describes how people saw their character and courage, saw that they were just "ordinary men" and so "took note that they had been with Jesus." I can only hope that others look at me, ordinary me, and take note that I have been with Jesus.

Here is another reason why I embrace the ordinary:
Our precious baby boy was born three months early and weighed 1 lb 14 oz. After experiencing 87 days in the NICU, some filled to the brim with out of the ordinary and exciting things, the ordinary and boring days feel pretty good.

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  1. You and your family have been an inspiration to me and my faith. I have watched you all and have seen Jesus Christ living inside you. God places people in our lives and we may think it was because of circumstance, but today I can tell you there is much more, for He has a plan and our meeting was His doing.
    Thank you for showing me His word in action. You are amazing! I love the St. Peters! :-)