Friday, July 30, 2010

I love my boy

Noah had a weight check this week and now weighs in at 14 lb 5 oz. What a big boy! His length is up for debate, due to the fact that he is never still long enough to get a really accurate measurement. Maybe I should do it while he is sleeping. :) At the doctor last week they said 24 1/4 inches, and when our County Health nurse came out on Tuesday she got 25 inches. Either way, he is doing a good job growing.

Hey look, I can almost fit my fist in my mouth!

He also laughed this week for the first time! Talk about a happy mommy moment! I don't think I have ever heard anything more wonderful in my whole life. It was the cutest giggle in the history of giggling. He has gotten close before and smiles a lot, but this was a full out belly laugh kind of giggle. Ah, I love being his mommy.

(No, I didn't get the actual laugh on film. But this is a very cute picture of our happy boy.)

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