Sunday, July 25, 2010

What is it?

This is the sight you are greeted with when you get off the elevators to the Children's Hospital:
Apparently it is supposed to be cute and welcoming. And apparently it is a MeritCare mascot because there is a kid version of it in the PICU and posters of it all over the hospital. (I even saw one in Bemidji; it is following me.) Personally I think it is creepy.
But here is the big question: what is it?
I had three long months to think about this and ask lots of people, and now it is your turn to cast your vote.
(I'll give an answer in a few days, but I'll warn you, it is not a complete answer.)


  1. It is a rare an endangered critter called the apple mole, not like the regular moles who live more in the ground, but this species lives only in apple trees, and eats the apples before anyone else can get to them. Thus the reason for the block with an apple on it.

  2. guess is a baby prairie dog. Or, rather, a prairie puppy. :D

    I guess they think that anything that's got big eyes and is a baby is cute...but some things are really just creepy.